InClose Mobile Express Edition

InClose Mobile Express Edition (VGA/QVGA) 5.0

Tool for managing processes, restarting programs and more

InClose Mobile Express Edition is a practical tool with a range of simple and basic functions for managing processes and tasks on your Pocket PC.

Using a context menu which is accessible from any point on your device's screen, the program allows you to view all the processes currently running. It will also let you stop any process, stop all processes and restart your system, rotate the screen and much more.

Functions of the program include:

Real Close Button

The Smart Minimize Button will be smarter

Task Manager

You can handle the currently running applications more easily


You can reset the device or rotate the screen with simple actions

Multiple Gestures

Not only Tap, Tap and Hold but also Horizontal Drag, Vertical Drag and Diagonal Drag are supported

Practical and simple, Mobile Express Edition is a handy tool to have on your Pocket PC, despite some issues with its size.

InClose Mobile Express Edition


InClose Mobile Express Edition (VGA/QVGA) 5.0